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Web service APIs can help you move freight in real-time.


How project44 Works.


project44 is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that uses cloud-based freight APIs to instantly connect shippers and 3PLs to capacity. Our solution integrates into the Transportation Management System (TMS) that you already use, replacing unreliable EDI connections with fast and accurate web service APIs.

Think of us as the pipes that allow data to be instantly communicated from one system to another, supercharging the speed of your TMS. The result is real-time freight transportation management.

Write one web service API connection to us, and we’ll instantly connect your TMS to capacity. Pull carrier rate quotes in seconds, automate dispatch requests, track your shipments and pull images (bill of lading, proof of delivery) in real-time, without the use of EDI. It’s that simple. 

Why project44 Works.

We’ve heard over and over from people in the freight and logistics industry that companies can’t get their customers’ data to them fast enough because of EDI connectivity. We’ve changed the old industry norm – project44 takes our Freight APIs and seamlessly plugs them into your TMS, eliminating EDI connections and providing you with fast, accurate, real-time data.

The biggest benefit of connecting to project44’s pipes is the ability to run your business in real-time using our freight APIs, resulting in end-to-end visibility. Unlike EDI implementation, which can take months to set up and carry hefty fees, set up of project44 is a one time, single process resulting in immediate access to our entire network API integrations. It requires less than a week of time from start to finish to connect your APIs into project44’s network. 


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Companies Connected through project44 APIs. 


Our dev team has been deep in other technology we’re building, so being able to instantly add these capabilities without losing dev hours or adding more bodies to the team has been huge.

We’ve seen a dramatic decrease at the field level for inbound customer calls because the info we give them has become so much better.

Mike Grayson

SVP of Operations, Worldwide Express

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The setup process took less than 40 hours for all the pipes and the p44 team is extremely proactive in adding new features, usually before we even realize how beneficial it would be to have it.

It’s added more detail on top of EDI and has been a huge timesaver for our auditing team. We’re really excited to get going with dispatch next.

Justin Belcher

Chief Information Officer, BlueGrace Logistics

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